Winter Mobility

Let’s talk about winter mobility. Now that we're in February, the coldest and iciest month, we would like to tell you about the options we have for staying active outside during the winter and to stay as safe as possible. If you or a loved one has trouble getting around in the wintertime, here are some possible products and solutions to help make that trek into the cold a little easier. 

Ice Cleats: These provide stability and balance in icy and wet winter conditions. Ice picks dig into the snow and ice providing a grip and preventing falls. These rubber cleats stretch around your existing footwear for a snug fit and are easy to put on and off. 

Ice Picks: For someone with arthritis or limited hand dexterity who may not be able to apply an ice cleat, ice picks for canes are a great option to provide stability in the snowy and icy surfaces to improve safety and reduce falls. Easy installation onto your cane tip can be done at the store. These also come with an easy flip-up design so you can still use your cane indoors without taking the ice pick off completely.

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