Zincofax Extra Strength Diaper Rash Baby Ointment

ZincofaxSKU: 19267

Ointment: 100g


Zincofax Extra-Strength has higher zinc oxide content to treat diaper rash and promote healing. Even with 40% zinc oxide, it remains a creamy ointment that glides on smoothly to provide a protective barrier to help treat diaper rash without causing discomfort to your baby.

What is diaper rash?
Diaper rash is a skin irritation which can be caused by dampness, contact with urine and feces, diaper rubbing against skin, or certain foods in baby’s diet. Symptoms of diaper rash include redness and irritability due to itching and mild burning.
• To treat and prevent diaper rash
• #1 Pharmacist recommended brand of diaper rash cream

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