Vicks VapoRub Lavender

VicksSKU: 127421

Ointment: 57mL
Strength: Camphor 4.73% w/w, Menthol 2.6% w/w & Eucalyptus Oil 1.2% w/w


Vicks® VapoRub Topical Cough Suppressant with Lavender Scent is a chest rub that treats coughs and minor aches and pains. VapoRub has 3 active cough suppressants that are clinically proven to relieve coughs. Apply VapoRub topically to your chest or neck and the cough relief starts working instantly. VapoRub now comes in Lavender Scent made with Lavender Essential Oil. VapoRub Lavender Scent provides soothing cough relief for ages 2 and up so they can sleep.

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