TRESemmé Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray

TRESemméSKU: 355966

Size: 311g


For firm but touchable hold all day long, use the TRESemmé® TRES Two® Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray. This lightweight, water-free ultra fine hair spray gives your hair the natural hold you desire while resisting humidity, frizz and flyaways.

Unlike some aerosol hair spray, The TRES Two® Ultra Fine Mist spray leaves your hair firm but soft, not stiff or sticky. Especially when used with other TRES Two® professional-grade products, this TRESemmé® hair spray will keep your style looking gorgeous throughout the day and into the night. ✔ TRESemmé TRES Two® Ultra Fine Hair Spray leaves you in control of your hair, not the other way around
✔ Lightweight aerosol hair spray leaves your hair touchable but holds all day
✔ 24-hour humidity resistance defends against frizziness and unwanted flyaways
✔ Adds volume without the stiffness or stickiness of some professional hair products
✔ Water-free hair spray formulation goes on dry and never weighs you down
✔ Pairs perfectly with Tresemme mousse, shampoos, conditioners, and other complementary styling products

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