Spectro Facial Cleanser for Combination Skin

SpectroSKU: 44422

Cleanser: 500mL


Spectro Facial Cleanser for Combination Skin is a fragrance-free, gentle, non-irritating cleanser specifically formulated for combination skin. Removes oil from your skin’s oily areas and moisturizes dry spots in need of hydration. Tones and purifies for soft, smooth skin.
Free from potentially irritating ingredients such as fragrances, dyes, sodium, sulfates, parabens, and lanolin. Effectively removes dirt, surface oils, and makeup without drying or irritating the skin while maintaining the skin’s pH balance. For clean, healthy-looking skin use Spectro every day. Cleansers also available in Lightly Scented for Blemish-Prone Skin and Fragrance Free for Blemish-Prone Skin and Dry Skin.

•Will not clog pores
•Purifies and tones for soft and smooth skin
•Contains 7 moisturizers to help keep skin hydrated
•Dermatologist-recommended brand
•Gentle enough for all ages

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