Ricola Green Throat Lozenges Green Tea & Echinacea

RicolaSKU: 160657

Lozenges: 19


Ricola Sugar Free Green Tea with Echinacea Cough Drops are delicately flavored with natrual green tea, Echinacea and Ricola's special mixture of Swiss Alpine herbs for a flavor that is uniquiely delicious and distinctly Ricola.

Get long-lasting relief for your cough and sore throat with Ricola Sugar Free Green Tea with Echinacea Throat Drops. With their natural green tea flavor and soothing Swiss herbal goodness, these drops are a delectable treat for both your throat and palate. They are formulated with Ricola's secret blend of 10 Swiss herbs and infused with menthol, a natural cough suppressant that soothes minor irritation in the mouth and throat. Free of sugar, these drops are get just the right amount of sweetness from aspartame

Provides natural, sugar-free, long-lasting relief for cough and sore throat

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