Mecca Ointment for Minor Wounds & Skin Irritations

MeccaSKU: 21866

Ointment: 15g


First Aid/Healing wounds - Soothe and protect minor wounds and skin irritations with a trusted favourite. Mecca Ointment helps relieve pain and/or itching resulting from minor wounds and skin irritations. Formulated to protect and keep the wound moist, Mecca Ointment helps keep harmful germs and bacteria out. Use for minor burns, sunburn, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites, poison ivy, or other minor skin irritations. Mecca Ointment has been a household staple since 1888.
Soothing relief - Mecca Ointment’s medicinal ingredients are proven to temporarily relieve pain and itch. This non-stinging ointment may be applied directly on broken skin. Gently ease the discomfort resulting from minor skin irritations such as the itch associated with healing wounds and minor rashes.
Protects minor wounds –Mecca Ointment forms a protective barrier that helps shield your wounds from harmful germs and bacteria.
Moisturizes - We now know that wounds heal better when they are protected and kept moist. Use Mecca Ointment to help ensure you never let a wound dry out, which may also reduce the formation of scabs.

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