Lectric Shave Regular with Green Tea Complex

Lectric ShaveSKU: 333286

Size: 210mL


Lectric Shave Regular with Soothing Green Tea Complex.

Get a clean, close shave with the Williams Lectric Shave Electric Razor Pre Shave. This lotion is formulated to make your whiskers stand stiff so that you get a super-close shave. The pre shave lotion contains a soothing green tea complex that smooths your skin. On using this pre shave lotion your shaving razor glides through your skin with lower friction and lesser skin irritation. Size of bottle 210 mL

Lectric Shave Regular with Soothing Green Tea Complex. Helps shaver glide for less irritation. Lubricates skin to minimize friction for a smoother shave.

Prior to shaving, apply the Lectric Shave on dry face, let it dry for 15 seconds, and then shave. Rinse your face post-shaving to get the clean look.

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