Johnson's Baby Soap Bar, Mild

Johnson'sSKU: 18719

Title: 2X85g


Keep your baby's skin feeling healthy and smooth with Johnson's Baby Bar. This convenient cleansing bar helps keep your baby's face and body clean and healthy looking. This formula is enriched with moisturizer to help relieve dryness and has a delicate fragrance both you and your baby are sure to love. The grippable bar makes for easy bathing. For a soothing bath time experience, gently massage Johnson's Baby Bar against your baby's skin or lather against a soft washcloth, then rinse with warm water. This mild baby soap is also suitable for toddlers, kids and adults.
• Johnson's Baby Bar helps keep your baby's skin feeling healthy and smooth while gently cleansing
• Baby soap mild enough for dry skin, contains added moisturizers and gentle fragrance
• Form-fitting, easy-to-grip design

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