HydraSense Drops for Dry Eyes

hydraSenseSKU: 109697

Drops: 10mL


Long-Lasting Relief of Dry Eyes
Clinically-Proven, Naturally-Sourced Lubricant: Sodium hyaluronate (0.15%)

Why Recommend hydraSense® Eye Drops for Dry-Eye Sufferers?

Contains A Naturally-Sourced Lubricant
hydraSense® Eye Drops contain sodium hyaluronate, a lubricant naturally found in the body and eyes, which:
Provides long-lasting relief by prolonging tear breakup time and tear film stability1,2,3,4
Is clinically proven to moisturize, hydrate and protect the eyes by effectively binding water to retain moisture to protect the eye from dryness1,5,6,7
hydraSense® comes in a innovative sterile bottle with a filter system allowing the product to be preservative free
Tip mechanism closes after each use, dispensing one drop at a time
In-bottle air flow filter to prevent air contamination

Can be used with Contact Lenses

hydrasSense® Long-Lasting Dry-Eye Relief that is Gentle on the Eyes

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