GUM Crayola Timer Light Toothbrush

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The GUM® Crayola™ Timer Light toothbrush is an illuminated and colourful way to educate your child about the importance of brushing, the prevention of plaque buildup, and the foundations for a lifelong healthy mouth. Many dental professional organizations worldwide endorse a two-minute minimum brushing time for effective cleaning and plaque removal. Many children, and their caregivers, brush for less than one minute. The GUM® Crayola™ Timer Light toothbrush has LED lights that illuminate the entire brush and flash for 60 seconds indicating the minimum time to be spent on all the teeth on either top or bottom, before moving on to the other.

The GUM® Crayola™ Timer Light toothbrush features the Dome Trim® bristle design. The raised centre bristles have been trimmed to form a dome shape that provides greater contact with the tooth surface and reaches under the gum line. The outer row of bristles is slightly more flexible than the center rows so that the soft, more flexible bristles will gently clean under the gumline while the center, slightly stiffer rows will clean the tooth surfaces.

The GUM® Crayola™ Timer Light toothbrush is entertaining for children and comes in four different colours. Cleaning with the GUM® Crayola™ Timer Light toothbrush develops healthy habits early in life by keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy. The unique suction cup provides a fun and easy way to store the toothbrush, reducing counter-top clutter and helping to keep the brush head dry and clean between uses.

A fun and motivating toothbrush for children 5-10 years old! Brush for at least two minutes twice a day, morning and night to stay on the right course for a lifelong healthy mouth.

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