Fungicure Antifungal Maximum Strength Liquid

FungicureSKU: 166371

Liquid: 30mL


Specially formulated to act promptly to help eliminate fungus infections of the finger and toe areas including on skin and nails where normally accessible with the convenient FUNGICURE applicator brush. Recommended use or purpose: For the cure of ringworm (tinea corporis) on skin and nails. For relief of itching, scaling, cracking, burning, redness, soreness, irritation and discomforts which may accompany these conditions..

Helps eliminate fungus infections which exist on skin and nails wherever accessible with the convenient FUNGICURE applicator brush..

- Crystal clear.

- Quick drying.

- No medicinal odour.

- Contains aloe & vitamin E.

Highest level of Undecylenic Acid that you can buy without a doctor's prescription.

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