Canesten 3 Day Combi Pack Yeast Infection Tablet + Cream

CanestenSKU: 151161

Pack Size: 3 x 200mg tablets + 10g external cream
Strength: Clotrimazole 200mg/vaginal tablet & Clotrimazole 1% cream


The Canesten® ComforTAB® is a slim, vaginal tablet preferred for its cleanliness and convenience. It is inserted high into the vagina with a sleek applicator, allowing you to treat your infection at the site anytime, day or night, and continues to work over several days until the infection is cured.

Slim ComforTAB to treat anytime, day or night
Includes cream to soothe external itching and burning
Treatment delivered over 3 days
200mg/tab Clotrimazole & 1% External Clotrimazole cream

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