Band-Aid Hydro Seal Blister Heels Hydrocolloid Bandages

Band-AidSKU: 896134

Pack Size: 10


Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Bandages cover and protect wounds and blisters. These hydrocolloid bandages seal out dirt, germs, and water and provide an optimal wound healing environment*. Includes 10 all-purpose sized adhesive bandages. *Compared to ordinary bandages

6 Benefits in 1 Bandage: (1) 100% waterproof (2) Cushions (3) Dual action seal (4) Helps prevent scabs (5) Show it's working (6) Stays on for multiple days
Flexible, comfortable fabric
pack of 10 bandages
Clean & ready for use
Dual-Action Seal: Helps keep germs out and your body’s natural healing power in
100% Waterproof: Blocks out water and stays on even when wet
Leverages hydrocolloid technology to enable your body's natural healing powers

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