Anusol Multi-Symptom Hemorrhoidal Suppositories

AnusolSKU: 117834

Suppositories: 24


For quick relief of multiple hemorrhoids symptoms such as pain, and itching, try mess-free Anusol Multi-Symptom Suppositories. Designed with comfort in mind, it contains a gentle astringent to reduce swelling, giving your hemorrhoids a better chance to heal. Anusol is the #1 pain-relief brand recommended by doctors and pharmacists for internal and external hemorrhoids. Its fast and effective formula relieves pain, so you can get moving again.


Canada's #1 Doctor Recommended Hemorrhoid Treatment Brand
Fast, long-lasting relief.
Contains a gentle astringent to reduce swelling.
Relieves itch and pains.
Mess-free, comfort shaped suppository
For use for internal hemorrhoids.

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