Revitive Ultrasound Therapy Device



Targeted and effective pain relief: Muscular injuries, sports injuries, aches, pains and strains can easily get in the way of doing what you enjoy. Whether it's your favourite sport, enjoying a good walk, cycling, gardening, or looking after the kids/grandkids, being able to move freely is vital to your everyday life. 

What is Revitive Ultrasound? An easy to use, hand-held ultrasound device that is designed to effectively relieve aches and pains and aid healing of a wide range of injuries. 

How Ultrasound works: Therapeutic ultrasound technology, widely used by physiotherapists, is a very high frequency sound vibration that stimulates tissue up to 4cm beneath the skins surface. The movement and vibration of cellular fluids causes changes in membrane permeability and the movement of essential ions and nutrients into and out of the cell, to aid repair. 

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