Be an Eco-Friendly Gift Giver

Less is more this holiday season! Having a successful and sustainable holiday is not as difficult as it seems. Follow our step by step guide on how to be a little more eco-friendly and sustainable while also having a great time and enjoying all those memorable moments of the holidays! 

1. Reduce/change your gift wrap or use recyclable options

Try using materials you already have around the house rather than purchasing more gift wrap. I’ve even seen households use their own pots and pans as “gift bags”! 

Try these ideas:

  • Old Newspaper (they get delivered to your house anyway, you might as well put it to use when you’re done reading it! Make sure to recycle it after the gifts have been opened on Christmas morning!
  • Dishtowels/towels or other fabrics you have around the house (could even use a comforter or bed sheet depending on the size of your gift!)
  • Reusable bags are also great options!

If you do have to use gift wrap, try to find options that are paper only so they can be recycled after use! Gift wrap with glitter, plastic coating, or foil paper cannot be recycled. So that is definitely something to keep in mind when you’re buying your gift wrap. 


2. Think of the contents of your gift - Try all natural, minimal waste, and eco-friendly options 

The key with giving a great eco-friendly gift is all in the packaging. You want to find products that produce as little waste as possible. That could mean finding products that don’t come wrapped in plastic, finding products that will break down quickly in a landfill, and finding products that won’t harm the environment or earth’s ecosystem. 

Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas:

  • Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Shampoo and conditioner bars

try: Nature's Aid True Natural Solid Shampoo Bar Fortifying Lavender and Rosemary

try: Nature's Aid True Natural Solid Conditioner Bar Moisturizing Mango and Tangerine

try: The Soap Works Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

try: Brush with Bamboo Adult Toothbrush


3. Produce as little waste as possible

This not only goes for gift wrapping (as we’ve covered earlier), but also with your holiday meals and decorations. 

Covering your Christmas tree in single-use tinsel or garlands? Try a more eco-friendly option. Find decorations that you will use every year, not just a one and done kind of situation. Faux garlands that last a lifetime are far more eco-friendly than that package of tinsel that you find all over your house and fill an entire garbage bag with at the end of the holidays. 

As for your meals, try to find options that produce less waste. At the grocery store, steer clear of those plastic veggie bags. Try bringing a reusable option to the store. That goes as well for bags. Say "no" to the stores plastic bags. Try bringing your own reusable bags or totes. Some people also find that bringing a large basket or box is even easier for brining your groceries inside after coming home from the store! If you have to choose between the package of bell peppers or tomatoes that are already wrapped in plastic vs. the loose ones you'd have to put in a bag yourself, definitely pick the loose veggies! 


4. Send e-cards

Less paper/plastic = less waste. Try sending your annual Christmas cards as ecards instead! You give the same great sentiment, with no waste.

Follow these tips and enjoy a wonderful eco-friendly and sustainable holiday season!

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