Jolen Hair Facial Hair Remover Kit


Pack Size: 1 Kit


Go confidently with Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit! Our depilatory kit is a unique 3-step hair removal system delivers beautifully smooth, silky, visibly hair-free skin in as little as 8 minutes! Everything you need comes in the box; no washcloth, cotton balls or moisturizer needed. The Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit is perfect for all hair types from fine to coarse.

– Skin Guarding Balm pre-conditions and protects skin to help prevent irritation and redness and moisturizes skin after hair removal.

– Hair Removal Cream quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin and cheeks.

– Cleanse & Soothe Wipes wipe away cream and hair while simultaneously refreshing, soothing and moisturizing the skin with aloe, chamomile and emollients for a silky, radiant look and feel.

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