Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash


Size: 354mL


Dove sensitive skin body wash with naturally derived gentle cleanser

• Hypoallergenic, our ultra-mild formula for even the most sensitive skin

• Moisture Renew Blend technology helps renew skin’s natural moisture

• Gentle, nourishing formula leaves skin feeling soft and cared for

• Sulfate-free, microbiome gentle and paraben-free body wash

• #1 dermatologist recommended body wash brand

• Made with 100% recycled bottles, our bottles are now beautifully unique
Having sensitive skin shouldn’t mean you miss out on great skincare. For sensitive skin, delicacy is everything – and that’s just one of the reasons we created Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash. With our ultra-mild, hypoallergenic formula, this gentle body wash gives sensitive skin the treatment it deserves.

The best body wash for sensitive skin should be as nourishing as it is gentle. Made with sensitive skin in mind, this moisturizing body wash is formulated with Moisture Renew Blend, which goes deep into skin, working with your skin to help renew its moisture. In a caring formula, this sulfate-free Dove body wash is gentle on your microbiome – skin’s outer living protective layer. Plus, featuring naturally-derived gentle cleanser, it’s the perfect body wash for dry skin, sensitive skin, and any other skin type that might need extra kindness. Wave goodbye to signs of dryness, and embrace the soft, smooth, moisturized skin you deserve.

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